Sunday, January 1, 2017

Loosing or misplacing stuff really drives me nuttso!

 It REALLY bugs the crap outta me like you could never imagine! (It's actually been this way since I was a small child & as long as I can ever remember)

I get obsessed with trying to find shit! It's been like that for years, but seems to get worse every year! (TRUE: The Longer you loose something, the less chance you have of ever finding it again- heh)

Sometimes, If I like it enough, I'll go buy another one which helps a little. (Yes, I have two of alot of things, heh) Cheers to finding all the stuff ya lost in 2016!
I'm very excited for this up & coming year! 
 Goodbye New World Order, Goodbye Hillary, Goodbye Obama, Goodbye Corruption at the highest levels of our government, Goodbye to Our Open Borders, Goodbye to our Jobs leaving the USA, (It was a long & hard finish to 2016 with huge losses but I'm glad it's finally over & I'm just so glad it turned out like it did!)

 1/2 of you dont see it but I'm just so glad that the other 1/2 does!